“I’ve often asked myself: Why write a book? In part, it’s to tell my story, and it’s also to touch many lives."

The road to glory is never easy. This memoir of one of the most dominant rebounders to ever play the game of basketball, reveals the heart and soul of a true champion and the obstacles she overcame on her path to greatness.

In her heartfelt memoir, Unstoppable, Simone Edwards reveals the harsh realities of growing up poor in a gang-infested village and how she found the inner strength to maintain hope in the face of opposition.

Edwards, the first Jamaican in the WNBA, is a history-making player, possessing a combination of size and athleticism. She is equally known for making headlines off the court, speaking out on issues of bullying, sexual abuse and self-esteem.



​Edwards gives readers an insider’s view of college and professional basketball as well as  competing internationally, revealing obstacles and triumphs she experienced on her journey from taunted teenager to international sports figure.

Unstoppable is raw and powerful, yet filled with the humor and personality Edwards has become known for.

It is a captivating portrait of one woman’s relentless pursuit of a dream and her unwavering determination not to allow her circumstances to dictate her future.


“The unbelievable tale of Simone Edward’s life and exploits offers hope in the face of inconceivable obstacles. The power in this book will change your life, confirming that your current circumstances do not dictate your future.”
                                                                                                                 NBA Legend Dikembe Mutombo

“The story of Simone’s journey from humble beginnings in Jamaica to the highest level of women's basketball is one that is a welcome addition to the history of women in sports.”

"Simone's inspiring story will pull at your heart strings…It’s a story of resilience and triumph that must be told."
      The Hon. Olivia Grange, CD, MP, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport of Jamaica

“Simone Edwards’ rise to become one of the elite athletes of the world, is truly a story in perseverance, belief and adaptability.”

                                                       Donna Orender, Former WNBA President & CEO of Orender Limited

“I am extremely proud of Simone Edwards and am pleased to endorse and support the sterling accomplishments of another Jamaican woman who has succeeded despite the odds.”

                                                          Portia Simpson Miller, ON, MP, Former Prime Minister of Jamaica

“Simone Edwards brought energy, athleticism and sunshine to the New York Liberty training camp. With over 300 athletes at tryouts, it was easy to select her to join our roster. As part of the first-ever WNBA season, she worked hard to be a successful and valuable member of the team. The fans loved her and appreciated her positive energy.”          

                                                                               Nancy Darsch, Former NY Liberty WNBA Head Coach

​“Simone Edwards has been one of the Seattle Storm’s biggest cornerstones. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with and win a Championship with this incredible, inspirational young woman. Simone has been an integral part of the Storm’s success both on the court and in making our mark in Seattle’s community.” 

                                                                       Anne Donovan, Former Seattle Storm WNBA Head Coach

“As a Jamaican American, Simone held high the torch for women and basketball players around the world representing herself with the kind of quiet leadership and humility that draw people to her. As Consul General for Jamaica, I was moved by her passion not only for the sport but for young women and girls who need encouragement and to know that they can accomplish their dreams. Her memoir is an inspiration to anyone who has a calling on his/her life to leave the world in a better place than they found it and to boy or girl who need to believe in themselves.” 

                             Dr. The Hon. Geneive Brown Metzger, Former Consul General of Jamaica in New York