She’s honest-to-goodness funny.

Simone’s humor allows her to tackle even the toughest issues organizations face with substance and style. Her contagious sense of humor enables your audience to dig deeper and learn so she can keep those “ah ha” moments coming.

Simone is all about RESULTS.

Most keynote speakers simply teach audiences WHAT to do.  A few speakers show audiences HOW to do it. Simone does all that and MORE. She helps your team understand WHY it’s important to change behaviors, re-think attitudes, re-assess old ideas and get on board so they can make things happen!

Simone gives the word CUSTOMIZATION a whole new meaning.

Her uncanny insight into human nature and expertise in human behavior will have each person in your audience feeling like she is talking just to them. It is rare for a speaker to have that ability to connect in such a meaningful way—and it’s that connection that keeps her message alive long after the event is over.

Simone is down-to-earth and AUTHENTIC!

Audiences believe in her and trust that she has their success and welfare in mind at all times. Simone knows that people want, expect and deserve their speaker to be a REAL person sharing REAL solutions that can help them achieve REAL results.


Keynote Motivational Speaker Simone Edwards is an experience just waiting to happen! ​She brings the high-performance sport of basketball home to each of us in our daily lives.

Simone's magic and inspiration in connecting with people in a comprehensive way is powerful as she gives everyone a sense of great possibility, and hope. Her message is not only universal but impactful.

​​Keynote Topics:

A PATH TO UNSTOPPABLE YOU – Imagine boarding the ship not knowing where your life is going, what to do, who am I... not having a clear sense of direction, and having issues with confidence and self-worth, but getting off the ship feeling inspired, empowered, confident and having an idea and plan on how to create a better life from now on. Wow! What a vacation this could be. This is a keynote that covers 7 steps. Suitable for opening or closing keynote for attendees interested in personal growth and development.

- As an athlete, the bench is the last place you want to end up on game day. The odds are you will at one point or another be on the bench. If you’re only getting 5 minutes of playing time per game what are you going to do with the other 35 minutes you spend on the bench to help your team be successful? What most people don’t understand is bench players do influence the outcome of the game greatly. And if you want more minutes on the court, becoming a great bench player will get you a step in the right direction. Simone touches on 3-points: 1) How to be a great bench player; 2) Put team success before personal glory and; 3) Watch what the opposition is doing.  Suitable for opening or closing keynote.

WALKING TO GREATNESS - Simone Edwards shares her personal story of poverty, hope and triumphs. In believing in herself and determination, she became the first Jamaican player in the WNBA. Simone illustrates her presentation with her improbable story of a road that took her from a gang-infested community in Kingston, Jamaica to the WNBA to the WNBA championship. Suitable for opening or closing keynote.

COMPETING WITH BULLYING - Simone Edwards shares stories about growing up as an extremely tall young girl and being a victim of constant bullying. Simone experienced bullying from childhood to college, because she was different. By 12 years old, she stood at 6 feet tall and now she is using her story as a champion against bullying for children and teens. Suitable for opening or closing keynote for youth/teen conferences/schools.

Simone has been featured on ESPN, Seattle Times, Seattle Post, LA Times, Hoopfeed, Jamaica Gleaner and Jamaica Observer. Among others, the following groups have enjoyed her presentations:

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